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When asked why I workout, go to the gym, involve myself into the Zone 6 fitness center. Originally it start all back when I got back from my first year of college. I was just coming off somewhat of a forgettable year and I needed a change, life wasn't going right and I was lost trying to find things that made me happy. I started going to the YMCA by my parent's house since we had a membership there I relearned the joy I had for working out back when I played football in high school. Just the feeling of the grind and the mentally focus and drive to hit new heights drove me breaking down walls in just four months I had squatted 315 and deadlifted 335 and was benching 155 which was after I had taken a full year and a half off lifting. I wanted more opportunities to continue to grow so in mid summer of 2019, I finally decided to look at Zone 6 after a friend advised me to go check it out and let me tell you it changed everything from the people that just made things different and no matter who it was I could relate to them I could feel a since of determination, pride, and a gym devoted to building a place of health and excellence. 


Zone 6, being a member now for a year and half I've never been more happy. It changed a broke boy to a strong independent man. Now, I don't lift as if im trying to play football but rather to lift so I can expand my knowledge doing things to improve my health and allow me to make strength gains while also focusing on things like form and building a stronger core ab. I lift here because I get to come in and joke with Jordan who has been someone I advise everyone to get to know because he's been there for me since day one and guided me but also pushes me to be better and allows me to joke with him as mutual friends. We can have any conversation and I'm never afraid to ask for advise from him. The space and vast amount of workout equipment as driven me to try new things to move away from my comfort of bench press and squat racks but to use the full gym and to learn how each machine pushes my body. From not doing a workout right then going home and watching countless YouTube videos to bring into the gym the next day and get the feeling of tired muscles was great. I've met a lot of new people as well as connecting with old friends that I grew up with. 


Finally, I'm honored to be the member of the month. I come everyday with a chip on my shoulder and I'm constantly asking myself did you push yourself enough and if you did one up it tomorrow but don't stop grinding. A lot fuels my ambitious from family, to a more fulfill life, to the joy of playing music, dancing, and lifting. Working out is fun but you gotta make it fun and don't treat it like a job cus then nothing will be so fulfilling. I've learned a lot from coming here and I know I'll continue to learn stuff and build more and more understanding but until next time thank you Z6 for the opportunity of being Member of the Month

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Athletic clothing must be appropriate for general public. Clothing should not be worn in such a way as to be offensive to other users.  

Attire that is of an inappropriate/offensive manner is prohibited and all patrons may be asked to adjust and/or change attire.

  • Athletic shoes must be worn at all times: no socks only, sandals, casual or dress shoes, cleats or heals, work boots or open toe shoes of any kind (unless specified differently by your Personal Trainer)

  • Shirts must cover your entire torso, this includes back and stomach

  • No apparel with offensive, disrespectful or vulgar words / language

  • No ragged or altered tops, gaping arm holes, muscle shirts, crop tops or half shirts

  • No clothing designed to be undergarments, this includes sports bras

  • No cutoff shorts or excessively short shorts

  • To avoid rips and tears to the upholstery and further damage to equipment, please do not wear jeans, khakis, clothes with exposed rivets or zippers, or belts


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Connect with each other

Join our private FB group to encourage and inspire your fellow Zone 6 members


30,000 square foot facility

Personal and Small Group Training

Athletic Performance Training


Monday-Friday: 5:30am to 9:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: 7:00am to 6:00pm


2700 N Burlington St.
North Kansas City, MO 64116



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