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CHRIS's story

Chris was three years into his fitness journey, starting out at 170lbs and getting to 220lbs. On November 10th, 2019 in a car with his 9 year old nephew in the passenger seat  a drunk driver would cross traffic and hit them head on. He came out of a drug induced coma 9 days later after suffering internal bleeding, losing his spleen, parts of his large and small intestines' and a part of his colon. His first question to doctors was what will it take for him to leave the hospital.

"I wanted to see my daughter above anything else. They first said I would have to learn to walk again, and not to be alarmed if I can’t at first because rarely anyone has the strength to. I was able to get myself out of bed and stand on my own. I was able to walk from one side of the room the other side all on the first day of being up. Two days later I would be walking myself up two floors and out of ICU...I would have to learn to eat again.... I left the hospital after 5 days weighing 145 and having lost 75 lbs. from everything with the accident."

He was eventually released, did his own rehab to built strength back for yet another surgery. Complications with his next surgery resulted in him losing 53 lbs.

"My motivation through all this was my daughter and my nephew who was in the accident with me. I couldn't let my nephew think this was it for us. I couldn't give him the notion this was a time of given up...I wasn't going to have a 6 year old be worried if she would see her father again. Now that my surgeries were behind me I was time to refocus."

The doctors told him to expect it to take up to two years to get back to where he was before and he took it as a challenge. He put in up to 3 hours a day at the gym at times and continues to put in the work.

"I still face issues everyday as far as eating goes. Physically, I'm high risk for hernia and bowel obstruction so it's very important for me to lift with proper form. None of that stops me from being in the gym everyday. The more I put into my body the more I will get out of it. They told me two years so I showed them what could be done in half that." 


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